Who we are...

We are a family run, second generation Red Angus farm. In 2003, Jenna purchased 20 open Red Angus heifers from her parents (Riverdale Stockfarm). We maintain a small but exceptionally good quality herd of 40-50 mother cows. We reside on Jarret's home farm, west of Melville Sk. Our 2 children, Ava who is 14 years, and Cade who is 10 years, both show great interest and love for the farm and cattle. We market our bulls and females every fall and spring privately off the farm and have had great success. We have many repeat customers both commercial and purebred returning as well as a great new customer base that continues to grow each year.

Aside from the farm we host a busy schedule as well. Jarret works for CN Rail. Jenna owns and runs a livestock/wedding/lifestyle photography business. Ava enjoys playing guitar, baseball and football. Cade is a baseball player an avid artist and he loves his chickens!

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