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2020 Bull Pen

This calf has been a favorite here since he hit the ground. If you are looking to ad softness, depth and dark red style this is the bull that will get it done.

His Dam, Red JJL Ann 26E is exceptional. She is the kind of female we strive to produce and replicate.

His sire, Red JJL JSquareS Trademark 18E has become one of our main walking sires, and the reason is consistency. You know exactly what he will give you, every single time.

Birth date: Jan 9/2019
Birth weight: 76lbs
Actual weaning weight (no creep) Sept 23/2019: 850lbs
Actual Yearling weight Feb 9/2020: 1250lbs

Sold to B-Elle Red Angus

Red JJL Authentic & Dam Red JJL Ann 26E 

Sire Red JJL JsquareS Trademark 18E

Sold to Wraz Red Angus

This guy will be heading South to Wraz Red Angus.

Phil stopped in last fall to walk through the calves and found this stout Kargo 215U son. 83G was a standout from birth and continued to impress visitors all summer. He carries massive width & power, yet is smooth and tidy through the shoulder, neck and head. He is cherry red, has great foot and heal structure and a 39cm scrotal.

His Dam, Red JJL Miss Deal 89C, seals the deal on this Herd bull. Small, but mighty, this Jack daughter gets it done every year.

We are excited to see what the future holds for this calf.

Birth Date: Jan 9/2019

Birth weight: 86lbs

Actual Weaning Weight Sept 23/2019: 925lbs

Actual Yearling Weight Feb 9/2020: 1250lbs

Sold to Kelly & Julie-Ann Howe

This calf is almost a mirror image to the previous listed JJL Duke 115D sired calf. They are out of the same cow family, same sire and the resemblance is very strong.

A true test to a sire is consistency and the Duke 115D calves are patterned extremely similar across the board. From birth to weaning to yearling they are consistent. No crazy numbers, no ups and downs.

This calf comes highly recommended for heifers & you will still have a calf come fall. He is smooth made, cherry red, solid footed and sound.

His Dam, Red JJL Dynamo 56G, has a unique pedigree with her Red Brown Creek Red Spread 68Z sire. He was a bull purchased from the Lane family at Brown Creek Red Angus in Alberta a number of years back.

Birth Date: Jan 30/2019
Birth Weight: 82lbs
Actual Weaning Weight Sept 23/2019: 720lbs
Actual Yearling Weight Feb 9/2020: 1160lbs


Sire Red JJL Duke 115D

Sold to Justin & Kim Klaudt

This calf is a standout heifer bull with loads of eye appeal and maturity.

He has a tidy head and is clean through the shoulder and chest. He boasts the pattern & shape we look for in a sire that will go on to produce exceptional females.

His Dam, Red JJL Dynamo 121D is a compact, tidy powerhouse of a cow sired by Red JJL Signature 49B.

His Sire, Red JJL Duke 115D, is a bull who is quickly leaving his mark here. He has produced many powerful top cut sons, and his females are going to be what puts him on the map for years to come.

No guesswork here. Solid Bull.

Owned by Ava Loveridge

Birth Date: Jan 21/2019
Birth weight: 85lbs (gestation 9 days early)
Actual weaning weight Sept 23/19: 760lbs
Actual yearling weight Feb 9/20: 1160lbs

Sire Red JJL Duke 115D

Sold to Kelsey Pletz

JJL Tank 89G

This calf is appropriately named. He is a moderate, sound, powerhouse!

He is an extremely complete bull that will throw a tonne of middle and shape. If you want calves in the fall that will tip the scales and a crop of replacement females this is the calf that will do it.

He is plenty good enough to be a breeder's bull, but being a black red carrier he will be the buy of the pen.

His Dam, Red JJL Miss Deal 118D comes from an extremely strong cow family. You can breed them any way and they will bring in a great calf. Her sire is Red JJL Signature 49B.

His sire, JJL Chunk 17E, is one of the most impressive herd bulls we have raised to date. As a yearling in April he tipped the scales at 1680lbs. He walks on a sound foot with great heel and is exceptionally easy keeping. He will be used heavily here by AI this spring.

Owned by Cade Loveridge

Birth Date- January 13/19
Birth Weight- 95lbs
Actual Weaning Weight September 23/19- 820lbs
Actual Yearling weight February 9th/20- 1200lbs

Sire JJL Chunk 17E

Sold to Mitch Hnidey

We really love this bull. He has such a sharp presence, he draws your attention as soon as you walk in the pen. This calf puts it all together in terms of softness, eye appeal and structure.

His Dam was a purchase from Nielson Land & Cattle out at Craik, and she has done a phenomenal job on her first effort. She is a moderate made powerhouse!

His sire is Red JJL JSquareS Trademark 18E. This sire has left us with moderate, consistent birth weights and ease of calving on cows and heifers. The best part, you still have a calf come fall.

Birth date: Jan 1/2019
Birth weight: 73lbs
Actual weaning weight Sept 23/2019: 775lbs
Actual yearling weight Feb 9/2020: 1230lb

Sire Red JJL JsquareS Trademark 18E

Sold Shaun Bennett

81G made a lot of friends throughout the year. He is a powerful Red JJL JSquareS Trademark 18E son. His Dam, JJL Miss Design 84C, is a Sav Density daughter.

Colossal's calves will tip the scales come fall and he will leave behind some exceptional replacement females.

This guy is heading to Shaun Bennett at Grenfell Sk.


Birth Date: Jan 7/2019

Birth Weight: 97lbs

Actual Weaning Weight Sept 23/2019: 960lbs

Actual Yearling Weight Feb 9/2020: 1265lbs

Dam JJL Miss Design 84C

Sire Red JJL JsquareS Trademark 18E

Available For Sale

This will be our last bull offered for 2020. He was held as our spare bull and is now up for grabs.

Here is a very complete ET calf sired by Red U2 Reckoning 149A, His Dam is Red Bar E-L Gloria 87R. This bull is very eye appealing, smooth made and has an exceptionally strong foot under him.

We saved one of the best for last and if you haven't quite got your bull shopping done, this guy is semen tested and ready to cover some cows.

Birth Date: January 18/2019
Birth Weight: 95lbs (ET)
Actual Weaning Weight Sept 23/2019: 840lbs
Actual Yearling Weight Feb 9/2020: 1180lbs

Sold Eugene Wlock

This Red Flying K Max 110C son was selected by a long time customer, Eugene Wlock

JJL Max 99G exhibits the definite stamp of his sire and sharpness of his Dam, Red Liberty Ms Stockman 181B.


He is arguably the most complete bull in the pen. He carries all the herd bull qualities we look for in our purebred bulls, and is no doubt going to go on to stamp his calves with calving ease, impressive growth and leave behind some very impressive daughters.

Birth Date: Feb 13/2019

Birth Weight: 83lbs

Actual Weaning Weight Sept 23/2019: 710lbs

Actual Yearling Weight Feb 9/2020: 1100lbs

Dam Red Liberty Miss Stockman 181B

Sire Red Flying K Max 110C

Merchant 54F

Sold Darren Toth

We have decided to offer this guy for sale. He has been a fault free cleanup bull for us. His calves are born easy and have very moderate birth weights with the vigor of an Angus and added outcross growth of a Simmental. He has a great disposition and very strong foot! We are selling him only because he is not being used enough to justify keeping him here. This is a very sound, solid bull.

His sire is RF MERCHANT 481B, his Dam is Red JJL Dynamo 56B.

He been semen tested and sells ready to go. $5000.00