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2021 Bull Pen

Introducing A New Herdsire.

This bull has been on our keeper list since he hit the ground. He is an absolute head turner. Dark red, massive bodied and powerful. He checks all the boxes for a herd bull should and we are certainly excited to show him some cows this spring.

His Dam is Red JJL Miss Deal 4A. A phenomenal Red DMM Glesbar Barndance 35X daughter who never misses. She is deep bodied, sharp fronted and has a rock solid foot, something the Barndance bull has done consistently for us.

His Sire is Red T-K Energizer 13T. A bull who is certainly no stranger to turning out the good ones. He stamped this calf with the power, eye appeal and presence that we have long followed in the SSS Endorse line of progeny.

Birth date: Jan 1/2020
Birth weight: 102lbs
Actual weaning weight (no creep) Nov 6/2020: 1115lbs
Actual Yearling weight Jan 22/2021: 1305lbs

JJL 1H.jpg

This calf has been a favorite here since he hit the ground. If you are looking to ad softness, depth and dark red style this is the bull that will get it done.

His Dam, Red JJL Princess 56F did a great job on her first try and has another solid bull calf coming up for next years pen. His Sire, Red JJL Wheel Max 34E was retained and used here with great success. His mother, Red JJL Fancy 72C is a donor cow we co own with Wheelers Stock Farm. She consistently passes on her easy keeping type and eye appeal to all of her calves. She can be viewed on our 'females' page.

Birth date: Jan 12/2020
Birth weight: 74lbs
Actual weaning weight (no creep) Nov 6/2020: 1025lbs
Actual Yearling weight Jan 22/2021: 1230lbs

Sold to U-6 Livestock


Sold to River Rock Angus

This is Cade's bull, affectionately known as Van Houtten'

Yes after the coffee guy. Cade's name selections never disappoint, nor do his calves!

His Dam comes from the Miss Deal cow family, a very sought after & popular cow family here. They are known for high fertility, easy calving, tremendous growth and naturally quiet dispositions. His Sire, Red JJL J Square S Trademark 18E has left some rock solid sons here! We were finally able to get some females out of him are very excited to calve his daughters soon!

This guy will be heading West to River Rock Angus, Dereck, Andrea & family.

Birth Date: Feb 8/2020

Birth weight: 72lbs

Actual Weaning Weight Nov 6/2020: 890lbs

Actual Yearling Weight Jan 22/2021: 1080lbs

JJL J Sqaure S Trademark 18E .jpg

Sire Red JJL JsquareS Trademark 18E


Sold to Dylan & Megan Malinowski

A very cool opportunity here to add some old proven genetics with a new outcross twist.

Red JJL Prime Rib 5H is a direct Red Geis Prime Rib 411 son. His Dam is JJL Princess 4W, a cow who needs very little introduction here. We flushed her to Prime Rib and this is the first calf on the ground from that mating. He has the maternal look with some added growth, ample testicle and the tremendous herd bull stamp 4W has become famous for adding to her offspring.

The females this bull leaves behind will be his legacy.

Birth Date: Jan 10/2020
Birth Weight: 88lbs
Actual Weaning Weight Nov 6/2020: 1065lbs
Actual Yearling Weight Jan 22/2021: 1255lbs


JJL Princess 4W.jpg

Sold to Justin & Kim Klaudt

This Trademark son has been a favorite by everyone who has toured the bull pen.

This calf is a standout bull with loads of eye appeal and maturity and he is SO laid back and easy going, his personality makes him the kids pen favorite as well.

His Dam is a perfect little Red Flying K Max 110C daughter that has quickly become a stand out here. She has a very good Red Taylors Cowboy 12G heifer calf this year, one that will no doubt hit the keeper pen. Trademark has left his stamp here again on this son, hairy, dark red, soft made and solid based. This bull will go out and do a solid job for his new owners.

Birth Date: Feb 4/2020
Birth weight: 84lbs
Actual weaning weight Nov 6/2020: 970lbs
Actual yearling weight Jan 22/2021: 1170lbs

Sire Red JJL JsquareS Trademark 18E

JJL J Sqaure S Trademark 18E .jpg

Sold to Mike Waldner

Another Trademark son, out of another first time momma. His Dam, JJL MS Black Dynamic 67F is a pretty little Traction Daughter and has arguably the best heifer calf on the ground here this spring. 

This guy resembles his sire to a tee, just a black hide. 

His calves will be soft made and sharp fronted and you will want to keep every daughter!

Birth Date- Jan 21/2020
Birth Weight- 78lbs
Actual Weaning Weight Nov 6/2020-965lbs
Actual Yearling weight January 22/2021- 1130lbs


Sire Red JJL JsquareS Trademark 18E

JJL J Sqaure S Trademark 18E .jpg

Available For Sale

We really love this bull, he's a powerhouse. He has the performance we look for to bring in the big weight calves in the fall but is long fronted & smooth shouldered ensuring calving ease along with that growth. His Dam, JJL Fancy 9A, is appropriately named. She is a SAV 004 Density 4336 daughter & a donor cow here. She is easy to find and easily a favorite among anyone who tours through.

His sire, Red Wheel Landslide 90F left us mostly females, and what a pen of heifers he gave us. This guy should have added maternal excellence and big, stout hipped sons too.

The heifer bulls may have been more popular this year but anyone who has toured through has found this guy and loved him. 

Asking Price $5000.00

Birth date: Feb 22/2020
Birth weight: 91lbs
Actual weaning weight November 6/2020: 935lbs
Actual yearling weight Jan 22/2021: 1205lbs

JJL Fancy 9A.jpg

Sold to Glen Almasi

The Max sons have been sought after every year. He is hands down the bull we now compare every other bull too when we need to purchase. They are easy calving, have tones of vigor, perfect feet, the daughters have beautiful udders and are quickly filling in the 'keeper' pen each fall. I think Brian Hanel said it best, where do you go from Max?! He is just that good.

Max 8H Dam is a beauty, She is a daughter out of Red JJL Fancy 72C, a donor we own with Wheeler's Stock Farm. This is her first calf and she held her condition and passed it on to her first calf as well. This young cow has a great future ahead of her here.


Birth Date: Jan 12/2020

Birth Weight: 75lbs

Actual Weaning Weight Nov 6/2020: 860lbs

Actual Yearling Weight Jan 22/2021: 1075lbs



Sold to Kurt Bilokreli

Hybrid Bull.

This bull is a beast.

He is stout, hairy and absolutely massive!! This big guy checks all the boxes if you have some cows to breed and you want to add some flat out broad shape & mass. He will likely leave you daughters that are pretty damned good too.

It is a very long story how exactly he came to be. Long story short he is a son of our donor, Red JJL Fancy 72C and a Simmental sire. For the full story give us a call, we can definitely fill you in. 

He sells as an Angus x Simmie half blood.

Birth Date: Jan 16/2020
Birth Weight: 104lbs (ET)
Actual Weaning Weight November 6/2020: 1175lbs
Actual Yearling Weight Jan 22/2021: 1425lbs

JJL Fancy 72C.jpg


Available For Sale

Hybrid Bull. 

JJL 40H is sired by Red JJL Wheel Max 34E. His Dam is a RF Merchant 481B daughter.

He is arguably the most complete bull in the pen. He carries all the herd bull qualities we look for in our purebred bulls, and is no doubt going to go on to stamp his calves with impressive growth and leave behind some very solid daughters.

Asking Price $3500.00

Birth Date: March 4/2020

Birth Weight: 98lbs

Actual Weaning Weight November 6/2020: 895lbs

Actual Yearling Weight Jan 22/2021: 1170lbs


Sale Females


Sold to Tracy Pizzey

It has been a while since we offered females right from the top of our replacement pen. It is only fitting that start out with a heifer from the Miss Deal cow family.

This heifer is deep bodied, broody and powerful.

The Miss Deal cow family here is known for fertility and performance. They always bring in a calf as big as them in the fall and calve first thing each year and they look good doing it.

Her Sire, Red Wheel Landslide 90F, set up a heifer pen that from front to back is absolutely mind blowing. We will be offering very few of his daughters for sale.

9H Feet.jpg

9H Feet


Available For Sale

This heifer is a bull maker. She is beautiful fronted, solid based & like the others has a exceptionaly strong cow family to back her.

The Mati cow family takes you back through a pedigree stacked with the likes of Boomer, Robo Bull, Chief, Bandleader and Star. And just a bit further back you will find a black pedigree. There is performance and uniqueness in her.

Her Sire, Red Wheel Landslide 90F, left a heifer pen that is worth a drive to see in person. The flip side to having twice as many heifer calves in a year than bull calves is having to sell some of them to make room, this heifer in particular would not be on offer otherwise. She's pretty cool.

Asking Price $4000.00

27H feet.jpg

27H Feet

Sold to Jay Bar Dee Farms

This heifer will be the sleeper of the bunch. She is put together like a heifer should be, angular, feminine and cowy. She has the presence of a momma cow already.

The Princess cow family needs no introduction here, producing multiple herd bulls and elite dams to purebred breeders over the years. This heifer will certainly follow the same pattern.

Her sire is Red Wheel Landslide 90F. When we purchased him from the crew at Wheeler's Stock Farm we did so with the foresight of the females we knew he would produce based on his flawless Dam. And produce he did, leaving us an entire pen of heifers that from front to back are broody, feminine and consistent.

Moderate and mighty, this heifer will bring in the good ones year after year.

38H feet.jpg

38H Feet


Sold to Jay Bar Dee Farms

One of the more unique pedigree's here. She is a neat and tidy package. Her Maternal siblings have surpassed all expectations over the years, they start out tiny and grow up moderate and tanky.


This is a calving ease line here that we depend on every year to fill the heifer bull slot.

Her Dam, JJL Miss Black Dynamic 83Z, is the result of us walking a heck of a good black bull many years ago. He left us tremendous sons, many sold to purebred operations. His daughters are always picked out on pasture as they are fancy, deep bodied and so correct.

The Landslide cross worked well here. Adding Red Northline Atlantic City, Red U2 Unanimous 113B, to the already powerful Red Northline Rob Roy 122K in her pedigree, this heifer will be moderate but mighty!

36H feet.jpg

36H Feet

Sold to

Travis & Stephanie Paulsen, 

Paulsen Red Angus

An absolute knockout. This heifer is a doll. She is correct, feminine and extremely eye catching. She sits high in quality, but because she is a black red carrier, she is modestly priced.

Her Dam, JJL Mati 64F, is a Red JJL Duke 115D daughter and she did a solid job on her first calf. The Duke mommas are beautifully uddered and are proving to produce as good as they look.

Her sire is Red JJL J Square S Trademark 18E. He left them soft, pretty and correct. We don't have many Trademark daughters and no more will be offered after this year.

21H feet.jpg

21H Feet