Sale Cattle

We believe that our females are the cornerstone of our program. Without a strong maternal foundation of mother cows, a cattle operation, whether it be purebred or commercial, will not thrive. We are very critical when culling for temperament, structure, and milk quality, based on the cows ability to bring in an exceptional calf from year to year. Our females are easy fleshing, feminine and consistent, and all are easy to work with. If they don't work, they don't stay. This has given us the ability to raise extremely consistent, strong quality calf crops every year, even when using a variety of different sires.


The Anne Cow Family

Red Riverdale Anne 571N has been our strongest foundation cow hands down. She is the cow that consistently does great, and so do all of her sons & daughters.

She was lost in the spring of 2014 but leaves behind the largest cow family here as well as many sons working in purebred herds.

The Miss Deal
Cow Family

Powerful. The Miss Deal cows always bring in a calf big as or bigger than themselves every year and keep on calving first cycle every spring.

They are our no miss no matter what cows and the temperament of all their offspring is the best thing about them.

Red JJL Curve 39B
Red JJL Mclovin 68Z
The Ardath
Cow Family

Red Riverdale Ardath 106P was purchased as our choice from the Riverdale dispersal. She has left exceptional daughters and sons that are as picture perfect as the cow herself. 

Red Blairs Ardath 110A
Ava's 1st 4-H heifer
The Princess
Cow Family

Red Riverdale Princess 7P was an exceptional producer over the years. She has left her mark here with her exceptional offspring, and one of the strongest cows to walk JJL Livestock is her tremendous daughter JJL Princess 4W.

Below are some of the calves JJL Princess 4W has produced over the years.
Limited embryos are available. Contact us for information.

Red JJL Duke 115D

Owned by Howe Red Angus

Red JJL Final Deal 78Z

Owned by Wraz Red Angus, Brylor Ranch, Twin Heritage Farms

Red JJL Compass 41B

Owned by Wraz Red Angus, Nielson Land & Cattle Co. 

JJL Princess 4W & Red JJL Princess 51F

The MS Dynamics
Cow Family 

Red Riverdale Ms. 3P was a favorite. Her daughters that remain carry her feminine structure and they can always raise a great calf.

The Countess
Cow Family

 A little cow with a lot of punch. 

Brandy has raised mainly bull calves. Her calves always come in at the top of the pen &  have sold to both purebred & commercial herds; her 4 daughters are also working in purebred herds.

Longevity and consistency in this cow family.


Red Riverdale Countess 485M & a sample of her bull calves over the years.
The Mati
Cow Family

Originating from a black cow family we purchased from the Riverdale Dispersal. This group of cows is definitely unique. They are stylish, feminine and consistently produce.


The Dynamo
Cow Family

A favorite here, the dynamo cows are smaller framed but extremely correct. Many of our top sale bulls every year come from this line and many of the females have been selected and are working in  purebred herds.