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All JJL Bulls sell privately off the farm. Our first bulls usually start selling late summer to early fall, with the majority selling January through March. We do our best to help everyone find the right bull for their needs. Every bull sells semen tested & gauranteed. We can assist in insurance (if requested), wintering, delivery and payment options. Bulls do not leave the farm until they have passed a semen test, a deposit of the buyers choice is left to hold the bull that you choose. Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions regarding purchasing a bull or a past purchase.

Semen & Embryos


Semen & Embryos

AI and Embryo work have allowed us to utilize specific and strong quality genetics to build on. Being able to start a cow family or use a herd sire for specific traits has provided us a wealth of value to our cow herd.

We are proud to offer semen from our own genetics as well as some of our very proven walking sires.

We also have a selection of embryos from some of our strongest cow families available.

So whether you are looking for a proven sire with no guess work or to start off your herd with a proven cow family, we can help you out! Selection is always changing so feel free to give us a call and we can notify you of any updates we might have.


JJL Princess 4W

This cow has proven to be as solid as they come.

She is a must see for her structural correctness,

unreal depth and mass as well as her strong foot and heal structure and solid udder. 

Leon Roy, Wraz Red Angus, Nielson Land & Cattle, Brylor

Ranch, Twin Heritage Farms and JJL Livestock all have sons working in their purebred herds. She also has numerous daughters following in her footsteps.

Embryo's Available.

JJL Princess 4W x Red Ringstead Kargo 107M

JJL Princess 4W x Red Geis Prime Rib 411

Also offering the opportunity to flush JJL Princess 4W to bull of buyers choice! Contact us for details.

JJL Princess 4W Progeny
Duke 115D.jpg

Red JJL Duke 115D

Owned by Howe Red Angus

JJL 24E.jpg
Red JJL Final Deal 78Z.jpg

Red JJL Big Deal 78Z

Owned by Wraz Red Angus, Brylor Ranch, Twin Heritage Farms

JJL 51F.jpg
JJL Compass.jpg

Red JJL Compass 41B

Owned by Wraz Red Angus, Nielson Land & Cattle Co. 

JJL Princess 4W & calf-3.jpg

JJL Princess 4W & Red JJL Princess 51F

JJL Fancy 9A

Probably the most eye appealing and all around faultless cow we have had at JJL. True to her sire, Density, she is an eye catcher to all who pass through. She is a compact show type cow and the

flush to Red Flying K Max 110C is a good one! We have full siblings on the ground and her and her daughter (JJL Fancy 72C) have both had great natural calves with the same cross!

No guess work on this set!


Embryo's Available:

JJL Fancy 9A x Red Flying K Max 110C

JJL Fancy 9A.jpg
Red JJL Fancy 9A with JJL Duke heifer calf
Daughter-Red JJL Fancy 37E with JJL Trademark bull calf
JJL Duke 52F.jpg
Red JJL Fancy 9A followed by
2 of her daughters
Red JJL Fancy 9A with JJL Duke heifer calf

JJL Fancy 72C

This little cow has caught the eye of every cattleman she has been put in front of. She was sold half interest to Wheeler's Stock Farm as a yearling heifer at Canadian Western Agribition 2015.

She is as solid as they come and has done a tremendous job producing her first few calves. She passes on her massive depth of body, style and correctness in every cross.

She has been successfully flushed but no embryos are currently for sale.

Watch for date on possible limited embryo's to be announced.

Red JJL Fancy 72C & first calf
Red JJL Fancy 72C and
daughter Red JJL Fancy 104G
Red JJL Fancy 72C and daughter
Red JJL Fancy 69F
Son- Red JJL Max 34E


Red JJL Duke 115D

Since a calf we have been impressed by everything about Duke 115D. His impressive mother, JJL Princess 4W has been an anchor here. His sire Red Wheel Jack 80A was moderate, deep bodied and sound.

You will not find a bull who stands more correct on a solid set of feet and legs. His first calves are on the ground and they are a combination of calving ease with massive growth.

Duke 115D.jpg

Red JJL Duke 115D

Owned by Howe Red Angus

JJL Duke 52F.jpg

Red JJL Duke 115D

as yearling

JJL Duke 115D-foot.jpg

JJL Chunk 17E (RC)

Owned by Diamond C Liberty Angus.

Undoubtedly one of the best young herd sire prospects we have raised to date. His 3/4 brother, Red JJL Duke 115D, is already proving his worth and this guy will follow right along beside him! He stands on a solid foot, has great skull structure and is wide based and free moving. 
He is backed by a tremendous Final Answer mother who weaned him off at 960 lbs, no creep. As a yearling in the spring he weighed just over 1600lbs. This guys calves will tip the scale, he is power and performance.

JJL 3W.jpg

Red Flying K Max 110C

'Max' was purchased from Flying K Ranch in their 2016 bull sale. We had our eye on the Max breeding for a number of years and when we found 110C in the bull pen we knew he would be a great asset to our program. He has exceeded all our expectations and we are looking forward to calving out his first daughters this year. They are angular, broody females and his sons carry his same stylish presence. This semen was drawn shortly before we lost him in breeding and he will continue to be used here heavily.

1GRP4623_FKR 110C.jpg
JJL 24E.jpg


JJL 49F.jpg
JJL 51F.jpg
JJL 44F.jpg
JJL 26E-2.jpg
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